Monday, May 12, 2014
I'm at the International Reading Association in New Orleans. I'm having an AMAZING time learning, connecting, celebrating, and sharing. 
I'm learning strategies and research.

I'm connecting with people I've only chatted with online or stalked their blogs! Fab people like Jen Jones from Hello Literacy (@hellojenjones) and Heidi from Heidi Songs (@heidisongs) and so many more! BIG post on this coming soon!

I'm celebrating being a teacher and even more than that, I'm celebrating being a reader. Listening to and meeting authors of the books I love is well, mind blowing.

I'm sharing my love for Scholastic's Instructor, all things readers and writers workshop, and of course-Twitter PD. I've even helped two people start their account!

I had big plans to blog about Day 1 on Day 1, Day 2 on Day 2, etc. But here's the thing-I'm tired.  IRA can wear a girl out....in the best possible way! 

So here's to tomorrow! I'll be listening to Mary Pope Osborne. Yes, THE author of Magic Tree House. I mean, really? I might be too excited to sleep. Nah!
More to come! I'll be sharing notes, pictures, resources, and info about the next IRA conference! Stay tuned! 

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  1. It was a blast! I'm so happy to have a new friend in you, too!
    Heidi Butkus


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