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Sunday, May 19, 2013
We went home to visit my family last weekend for Mother's Day. I loaded my class' writing folders into my teacher bag and walked/ran out the door just thinking about seeing my family! 6 hours later we arrived! We had lunch with A at her school, went fishing, and helped my mom adjust to her new, roboknee! It was a busy, busy weekend!

Saturday night, I collapsed into my sister's recliner and pulled out the ol' teacher bag. I had an assortment of kid chosen 2 pocket folders-Angrybirds, Star Wars, princess fairies, the Beatles, tigers, football players, and so on. 

A walked by and said, "What is all of that?" T looked at her and said, "Those are my mom's kids' writing folders. They write stories and she writes them messages." FREEZE Did he really just say that? I was SO happy! I felt this great sense of confirmation. I HAVE been bringing home their folders more this year than ever! I HAVE been writing messages and conferencing more this year than ever! Funny that it took my 4 year old's observation to confirm this, but exciting nonetheless! 

As I read the stories to my sister (who could NOT stop laughing,) I stumbled upon this little jewel. One of my students loves is obsessed with Harrison Ford. You read that correctly, Harrison Ford. He is currently writing a narrative piece about Ford's adventures. Check out these sketches! If this does not make you smile, nothing will! Seriously-click on them and make them bigger! 
Harrison Ford has a big mission ahead. He will need coffee and a disguise. (Please check out the tie and the brows!)
"Who are you?" asked Harrison Ford (full name every time!) I've been sent to help you. I have a package.
I can't believe this is my disguise thought Harrison Ford. (There's more, but  I'll stop here!)
This kid is a writer. He gets that stories are told over pages and have a beginning, middle and end. He gets it. 

As this year comes to a close and we're all a little tired, I think it is important to step back and enjoy the success.....of our students and ourselves!

What went well for you this year-as a teacher or a parent? 

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