How to Make....Pinecone Bird Feeders!

Thursday, May 9, 2013
What do you do with a box of expired Cheerios, buy one get one peanut butter, an open bag of bird seed, and a slightly rainy day? 

You invite friends over to make pinecone bird feeders!
First, tie a string to the pinecones. This makes them easier to hang later!
Then, coat them with peanut butter. Don't be shy!
Next, roll them in Cheerios and/or birdseed.
Finally, hang your bird feeder proudly on a tree!
Watch the birds chirp and eat in delight!

We had soooo much fun with our friends at the park. One friend even had the brilliant idea to have summer meetups for even more fun! I love that. I love having friends that we can get messy with and that really don't care what we look like when we do it! I'll keep you posted on what cool ideas these amazing moms come up with during June and July. 

Let's face it though, pinecone bird feeders are going to be really hard to top! :)

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  1. The birds will love it.


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