Random Saturday

Saturday, May 4, 2013
20 Random Things about Me

1. despise raw tomatoes
2. lost over 20 pounds since January
3. can't stand the feel of toilet paper rolls
4. or construction paper (that's a challenge, I mean, I'm a teacher!)
5. look silly in skirts, ALL skirts
6. can't cook, like to eat
7. love to write
8. love to read....chick lit and kid lit
9. have been to Tokyo
10. want to go to Italy
11. never been to Chicago
12. thought I was going to be a lawyer
13. like living in Atlanta (did not think I would!)
14. met N in physics class, he was doing great, I was not
15. miss my sister more every day
16. try to be more crafty in her memory (I'm sure she gets a kick out of that.)
17. wish my little sister lived closer
18. don't want son to grow up, I love 4ness
19. favorite season is fall
20. like Indian food...especially bread

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