Retail Therapy....Books!

Thursday, May 16, 2013
I have recently had, well, let's call it, a reminder. A reminder that grownups are simply not as much fun as kids. They're just not. 

In total support of every cloud having a silver lining, this week also happens to be the deadline for spending leftover grant money. This week also started the Scholastic Warehouse Sale! With credit card in tow and $500.00 ready to spend, I was ready for some retail therapy. BUYING BOOKS HEALS. (Print that on a shirt!)

Look at these treasures! Look at these piles! Look at all of these books!!! 
Origami Yoda anyone???
Got a little carried away and had to start doing some math!
Pile for me, pile for T's teacher, pile for me...
Something for everyone, K-5!
Had to have those Who Would Win books!
Tired teacher (4 hours later) excited about adding these to lit lab!

Alas, some jewels had to be left behind....
already added to my wishlist though! 

For a moment, picture the faces of those in line behind us-two buggies of books, 4 boxes packed, and 6 transactions so we could use the coupon over and over! Ahhh! Bless their hearts. 

This leaves me to wonder...what books would you buy with $500?

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