Announcement: I Can Fix Education

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
As another amazing year comes to an end, I am feeling proud of my students and honestly, myself. I have learned so much this year! I am proud of the teachers I work with who have embraced our new standards and supported our learners every day even though there are a billion obstacles in their way. I mean, we are good. Why? We can grow and change just like our students-you know, the same thing we ask of our students....

Now, it could be the field day exhaustion talking, but I think I can fix our entire educational system....or at least put us on the right track!

Here is my plan:

Teacher Congress
Each state has 2 teacher reps. They miss one day each quarter (I'd settle for once a semester) to meet with congressional leaders, state departments, etc. They meet for one week during the summer to discuss ways to support our children. They will talk, leaders will listen. They will share happy news and areas of concern. They will highlight their state of education in ways only teachers can. While they are there, they discuss trends, research, communication, collaboration, and any other jargon necessary. 

How to choose these teachers? I don't know. Maybe there should be more than two based on population, just roll with me....

Teachers will have a blog, etc to share information with teachers as well as accept questions, ideas etc from teachers in their state. 

Teachers have answers, ideas, experiences, and want to be part of the conversation, part of the solution, part of the process, etc.
Any takers? sponsors? best friends with Secretary Duncan? billionaire? 


  1. I have had this thought myself ever since Mom Congress. I think it is an excellent idea. :)

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