ReBook (Recycling for Books!)

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Inspired by my friend Jenn Barth and my Mom Congress crew, I held a book drive at my school last year. We asked for gently used books to "ReBook." ReBook is recycling your books-giving them a new home, a new child to love! We donated almost 700 books to homeless shelters in the metro Atlanta area last year. Read more here! Success! 

Well, that was so 2011! This year, we set the goal higher and we exceeded that goal! With the help of our media specialist Dawn and our PTA, we collected more than 1,200 books! With the help of my friend Susanne, we donated such treasures as Magic Tree House books, Eat Pray Love, Amelia Bedelia, spiritual reads, art books, and even some comic books! We know the new readers will be thrilled with their new books!  
Want to help readers but don't want to host a drive? Donate to Reading is Fundamental! Giving Tuesday is the perfect day to help make a difference in the life of a reader! 

Want to host a book drive at your school? Do it! The holidays are the perfect time! 
Here's how:
1. Contact your local homeless shelters or an organization that supports them. Ask what they need. Ask if they need books to replenish their libraries. Ask if they have a library! 
2. Ask your principal (if you are a teacher OR parent) if you could host the event at school. 
3. Hang signs, make announcements, etc. Set the timeline (1 week is good!) 
4. Count the books! Put them in totes or reusable boxes (shelters can reuse these hard to come by goodies) and deliver!
5. Share the results with your donators! Celebrate sharing the love of reading!

How do you make a difference this time of year?

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  1. What a really great idea! We are book lovers here and love to spread the love!!! :O)



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