Being a Mommy Teacher

Sunday, November 4, 2012
I have been teaching for, let's say 10 years. I love it. I love being a teacher. I love helping them solve math problems, exploring science ideas and discovering heroes that changed our world. Most of all though, I love reading to my little learners. I love it. I mean, I LOVE IT! Sharing books I know by heart and new ones I find along the way is the very BEST part of my job. Hands down. 

So when I became a mom, I filled the house with books. I read to T as much as I can. I still don't feel like it is enough though. (Please tell me that is normal!!!)

The thing is, my love of sharing books with my class has not been replaced, but sharing a favorite book with my son is amazing. Watching him laugh at the funny parts and be sad at the sad parts and ask questions and "read" it himself, and add his own details, and make guesses about what will happen next is well, priceless.

I think of reading him Goodnight Moon and him pointing to the cat. I think of reading him Have You Seen My Cat? and him laughing mocking me, "this is not my cat." I think of reading the David board books and him laughing at the "baby stuff." I think of reading Don't Let Pigeon Drive The Bus and him getting it-really getting it.

I was asked one time if I thought becoming a mommy would make me a better teacher. Maybe.
People often say being a teacher makes you a good mommy. Maybe.
I say reading with my son makes me a better mommy and will make him a better reader one day. Absolutely.

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