Floppets Flash Giveaway!!

Monday, November 19, 2012
"Mommy, mommy, my doggy Floppet went down the slide with me and he liked it!"
What is a Floppet you ask? They are these totally cool, totally attachable little creatures from the land of Floptopia! 
**They are attached to a velcro piece that easily hooks on backpacks, flip flops, shoes, fingers, and T's favorite-his lunchbox!            

**T also loves that they twist and turn and "hang on" no matter what!
**They are a big hit around this house and the playground at school! 

They even have an interactive Floppet website!
Want to check these out for yourself? My friends at Floppets want to send you a few! Woo hoo! Stocking stuffer!

It's EASY! Leave a comment here or on FB telling me which Floppets you want for your little someone! Want two entries? Like Floppets on FB and tell them I sent you! 

Flash giveaway ends tomorrow night! 


  1. I love Reef and Oink! I told Floppets you sent me. :)

  2. I like the dog, the pink squid looking guy, and the yellow alien...no idea what their names are. These are new to me but super cute!

  3. Hi! These are adorable! My kids would love any of them. Here are some favorites...we would be most grateful for any! Angora, Armor, Hoot, Reach, Alpha, Ribbit, Asia, Uproar.....
    I told Floppets you sent me!

  4. Oh my gosh, they're so cute... especially Pop, Alpha, Ears, Uproar, and Milkshake!

  5. Wagnersip--you are the winner! Please send me your address at mymommyreads@yahoo.com.

    Congrats and thanks for entering everyone! The next giveaway is BIG!


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