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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
T and I are sooo ready for Thanksgiving! I have been cutting, stirring, baking, and mixing for hours...oh wait, that's my little sister-not me! (Have I mentioned how much I love her?) Back to T and I! We are sooo ready for Thanksgiving! How do T and I get ready for turkey action? We read! 

Here are our Top 5. These Top 5 are also perfect for my 
first graders! Click on the books to visit them on Amazon!
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Love, love, love! Compares two families Thanksgiving holidays. One mom wears pearls and makes homemade pies. The other wears jeans with slippers and has store bought pies. One is loud, the other is quiet. They come to realize that though they are different, they both are holidays filled with love. Every child (and grownup) can relate to some part of this story!
No hidden agenda here-the book is a countdown to Thanksgiving. Family traditions are covered, it rhymes, it is is simple and fun!
With a familiar tune, this one has a surprise. Without ruining it for you, there is an ax! No worries-there is not a turkey massacre-just a fun filled adventure where the kids save the day!
Celebrate family and taking time to be thankful!

One more fave! 10 Fat Turkeys is a silly counting book. Take time to read the pictures in this one! They tell a great story! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 

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