Thursday, November 8, 2012
We have these snazzy little calendar cards that have a prompt on the back of the date. I like them. They are great for morning meeting and getting are brains a little fired up. Today's said, "One thing I can't live without is...." Of course, since we are learning about Thomas Jefferson, they all wanted to say books. :) <I was overjoyed.>

I had them stop and think though-what is one thing (not person, etc) that you really love, that is really special, that you really wish you could have with you ALL the time. The answers were very sweet-teddy bears, blankies, mom's old shirt, soccer ball, and whoopie cushion (there's always one.)

I started thinking about the one thing I can't live without. First thought-my phone. I love it. I need it. I have to have it! Next thought-pen and paper. I LOVE to write. Next-computer. I like to be connected. Next thought-books, not just any books-children's books. I can read them to my T! No, no, no. None of those worked. I can live without all of those things.

Then it came to me. Pictures. I love pictures. I love seeing my little guys' face, my beautiful niece's toothless smile, my gorgeous little sister, my sweet mom and dad, my funny granny, my cousins and their children and their children, my students old and new, and so on.

Photos. Memories. Treasures. I've lost both my sister and brother and I cherish their pictures now more than ever. Sharing them with makes me feel like they are still here, laughing and fighting and goofing off and growing old together.

The one thing I can't live without is pictures. How about you?

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  1. The things I cannot live without....material things, that is...BOOKS! The smells of the actual paper, new and that is aged to an antique aroma of happiness. Past and present right at your fingers. Sadness, mystery, intrigue, romance, history, humor- no matter your need, there is a book to fill it. Escape the world around you and explore exciting new places that, otherwise, you may never get to experience. Get to know new people and cultures from one place- A BOOK! Always there. Day or night. Rich or poor. Books are there...waiting for you to pick them up and share what lies within.

    ~Your Little Sister~ :-)


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