You Are What You Read

Monday, December 12, 2011
Hmmmm......this could mean so many things. 

I read children's books more than any other text = child at heart. Yep!
I read chick magazines at the salon = like to see how the other half lives. Yep!
I read the = like to save money and shop. Yep!
I read self help smut = want to be a better person. Yep (most days.)
I read updates on the internet = care about what is going on with friends and family. Yep!
I read education articles = want education to be better by the time T starts school. YES!

So, looks like it is true! You Are What You Read is a new initiative with Scholastic (love, love, love) and Reach Out and Read (also love, love, love.) They want to put books in the hands of children, and also show how books bring us together.

Take 3 minutes and complete your Bookprint. Visit the site and share 5 books that have influenced your life. When you do this, Scholastic will donate 1 book to Reach Out and Read. You will also get to see others who chose the same book.

If that doesn't tempt you, maybe this will! Several celebs have made their bookprints: Oprah, Taylor Swift, Daniel Radcliffe, Whoopi Goldberg, The Jonas Brothers, Eli Manning, Sarah Jessica Parker, and so many more! Aren't you a little curious to see if you have a book or two in common? I am! 

When you're done, come back and share the books you listed. Be sure to do this with your children, too! The more bookprints we get, the more books that will be delivered!

Happy reading!

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