The Day After Blues

Monday, December 26, 2011
Aaah, the day after Christmas. This day is famous for belly aches and buyer's remorse. In the reader's world though-today is a day of pure bliss! Time to sit and enjoy the books that a sweet loved one gifted you (or maybe you gifted yourself.) Whether it be digital or *gasp* a real book, today is a good day!

T received a few that he is super excited about! 

The first, Melvin Might, is illustrated by one of my heroes, David Shannon. I should also mention it is written by another favorite (especially in the boy department) Jon Scieszka! This book goes for about $13 on Amazon, but I picked it up at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago for less than $5. 
T loves it! Melvin worries a lot and unlike so many books where the worrying ends, Melvin tries something, but just like in real life, he still worries. It is perfect for those machine and truck loving kids! 

Laura Numeroff's latest If You Give A Donut was also in T's pile o' gifts. As a HUGE Numeroff fan, and I'm not just talking her Pig, Mouse, and Moose books. Oh no, Laura (first name basis) and I go wayyy back! Have you read Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers? or Why A Disguise? If not, you should! 

As for this one, well, um, T and I like the pictures. The dog is adorable. The text, well, is just not as inviting and it just does not flow like the others. We had high hopes...maybe too high. We will pass this one along to the firsties. I am sure they will be thrilled. Will they like it as much as the other cycle stories? We'll see! 

My grownup read (which will probably be read in February) is In Pictures and In Words by Katie Wood Ray.  

What are you reading on this day after?


  1. I am reading Jeffery Deaver - and yes I borrowed it from my son but he is 25. :)

  2. I am going to have to Google that one!


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