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Saturday, December 17, 2011
Our family Christmas tree!
I should start by saying Tagxedo is not paying me for this endorsement! My friend at Miss B Busy Bees posted this and I FELL IN LOVE! (Her awesome blog link is also on the side of my blog!) It is super user friendly, no registration required, and the designs are a-plenty! Much like Wordle, the more times you type a word, the bigger it gets. Check it out! T and I are going to make one for Daddy and my firsties and I are going to make them for the holidays!


  1. So glad you love it! Did you see my Christmas must-dos post? I made a video from Santa for my kids at school and they freaked out!!!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  2. I did one for my little guy! He loved it...and so did I!!! Our computer teacher let them all "elf themsevles" in the lab this week. That was a big hit, too!


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