Countdown to Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011
Christmas-I'm a big fan! Not only do we celebrate the reason behind the season, but my family spends the day together.....which I love!  T makes Christmas even more fun! We decided to make this advent chain with wrapping paper to help T see how many days until Christmas. He has pulled two links off and is super excited. Of course, he still says, "Is Santa coming tomorrow?" but I just smile every time!
 Please notice the adorable pictures in the background!!
 He especially LOVES being able to reach the chain! Now, the chain got me feeling kind of crafty. (INSERT SHOCK AND AWE HERE!) So we painted this tree......
My, oh my. I am sure this will be a treasure for years to come, but handprint after handprint with a wild and crazy almost 3 year old is well, um, challenging. I had to call for reinforcements! N came to save the day. We stripped the little guy naked and even painted the ornaments using his little toes! From here, we went straight to the tub! 

Nights like this make me miss my sister more than ever. When people tease me for not being crafty, yep, there it is again-I miss her. She had it. I don't. I am super ok with it. Please know---I REALLY am ok with it. Just makes me sad sometimes. I know she is smiling down on this masterpiece and celebrating that both T and I survived! She would have loved it. 

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