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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
I promise this will not be one of those "year in review" posts...I promise! This is however a post about the books that waltzed their way into my life during 2011 and I am so glad they did! Many of these are not new books or series, but were new to sweet little ol' me.
Do you know Katie Woo?
                                         No More Teasing (Katie Woo)Fran Manushkin, Tammy Lyon

Katie Woo is a first grader and much like Junie B, she has her quirks. Katie's stories are a lower reading level and shorter read. The kids love her! She has adventures that my firsties easily relate to (connections.) She worries over not losing a tooth, someone teases her, she goes a little nuts during the holidays, and so on. If you do not know Katie Woo, make it a point to introduce yourself or your kindergarten or first grade daughter! 

Informational Fun~DK Style
Trip to the Zoo (Dk Readers Level 1)

DK Readers~I know and love. I was not familiar enough though with their level 1 readers. Wow! These are perfect for developing readers as well as preschoolers. T loves the pictures and so do I. My firsties love the easy to follow text and pictures that match perfectly to the words. We are big fans! Level 1 readers include dolphins, rocketships, butterflies, and farms. T's favorite is about construction. There is something for everyone! 

Should I be embarrassed about this? I am not sure. I had never read a Nate the Great until this school year. They sit snuggly in my classroom library, recommended by a peer, but not touched by me....until D. This first grader loves a good mystery! So I marched myself over,  pulled out the Nate basket, dusted it off and read the first of the series. Wow!  I COULD NOT WAIT to share this with D! He loves them! He is currently reading his fourth Nate book! Nate is fun and I am sad I've done without him for so long. Nate will absolutely be on T's to read list! 

Are there more? Oh yes, there are more. Each "new to me" book opens a new door. I share this experience with my firsties and my little guy. I tell them what a wonderful discovery books are. I gleam with excitement as I tell them I found a book I just can't wait to show them. They feel it, too. Donalyn Miller writes about this feeling in The Book Whisperer. The feeling is magical. Start with Miller's teacher read and then check out the others! 

What new to you books did you discover this year? 

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