New Teacher Days

Thursday, March 20, 2014
My throwback Thursday time machine is taking me back 11 years, back to the days of being a "new teacher." I've learned a lot since then.....
Field trips were cooler back in the day. I found this in a scrapbook a parent gave me in 2004. We were at Dauphin Island...with like a million kindergarteners. It was fantastic! 
No matter the decade, kids are cute and these class pictures are ridiculous. I have 11 of these now and I'm always towering behind a bunch of little kids. Why...oh why do we do this? I much prefer snaps of the class doing fun stuff or silly faces! :)
Field days never change. The teacher will always be forced to do something silly and the kids will laugh. This teacher doesn't mind it one bit. 

I've also learned that 11 years can leave a little wear and tear on a teacher....maybe I've recently learned that most of all! I mean, how old was I when I started teaching? I look 18! Oh, happy days!

What is something fun you have learned since you started teaching? 

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