Hmmmm....How To Show My Disney Side?

Thursday, March 13, 2014
I love Disney. We all know it. I love the movies, Walt Disney World, and Mickey. 

Imagine my joy when I was chosen to host a #Disneyside Home Celebration! I.was.ecstatic.

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what would be involved, and then my American Tourister suitcase arrived. It was a beautiful green and I stared at for two whole minutes before opening it.
Inside this party in case was everything I needed to host my own Disney celebration. There were Ocean Spray Craisins (T's favorite,) cupcake holders, Mickey cookie cutters, Disney decorations and disposable tableware, Disney vacation DVD, recipe cards from The Chew, calendars with info about Muppets Most Wanted, the most adorable Mickey and Minnie poster EVER, ESPN Sports and Run Disney cheer cards, HP photo cards, trivia, tattoos and more. 

Lucky for me, Disney thought everything (as usual.) They created a facebook group where we could share ideas and chat about our parties. It's an open group, so come check it out! I've made lots of new friends and found TONS of great ideas for home and school!

But what, oh what kind of celebration would I have? 

birthday? too late
anniversary? too late
ladies night out? I wish
Valentine's Day? not my thing

Hmmmm....check back tomorrow to see what I decided! 

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