Mrs. Wishy Washy

Monday, March 3, 2014
The two biggest influences on teachers are their collaborating teacher and the teachers they had as learners. 

Lester Laminack shared that bit of research a few weeks ago at his amazing Lola and Lester workshop. As I drove home that day, I thought about my own teachers and my collaborating teacher. Which one did have more influence on me? While I can say I had some AMAZING teachers, I believe my collaborating teacher, Cathy Jefferson, has impacted me the most. Cathy is a great teacher. She loves what she does and never stops learning. Her passion inspired me and it still does 11 years later. I can be standing in my first grade classroom now and think to myself, "What would Cathy do in this situation?" 

Cathy also loves literature. She is an animated reader and introduced me to some of my now favorite authors. She loves Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley and she shared that love with me! I've been a fan for 11+ years and turn to Joy Cowley's works immediately when helping a struggling reader. I also love reading the books to my own son and he is a huge fan, too. 
T's favorite!
If you love Mrs. Wishy Washy OR want to read your very first one, go enter Hameray's contest! Click HERE or on the pic to enter to win over $800 in Joy Cowley goodies! AHH! (I really want to win!) You can enter for your favorite teacher or parent, too! 
Hameray has also been so kind to sponsor a giveaway just for my readers! Someone is going to win their own Joy Cowley big book!! Please enter yourself and/or your favorite teacher! 
Be sure to check out Hameray online (Pinterest, too!) for fun lessons, meaningful printables, and great articles! 

Thanks for entering both and good luck! 


  1. Oh yes and my kids would love this!

  2. Yes we have some other books with Mrs Wishy Washy.

    1. Don't you just lover her? Such a fun character! Thanks for entering!!

  3. I do not know Mrs. Wishy Washy. I have a kindergartener who would enjoy this prize!

  4. No, sorry, but I want to.

  5. LOVE Mrs. Wishy Washy!! So so cute and the kids always love the stories. Thanks for the chance:)

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