It's a Celebration! A Disney Side Celebration!

Friday, March 14, 2014
My dear friend and colleague, S, just finished her Master's Degree in Elementary Math. This is a triumph in itself, but knowing that she is a full time first grade teacher and full time mom to three great kids makes this feat even greater! 

When trying to decide what kind of #Disneyside celebration I should have, this was the first thing that came to my mind! S loves Disney and when they visited on the 4th of July last year, they were chosen as grand marshals for the parade! 

T helped me sort all of the swag into little piles. He also may or may not have climbed into the American Tourister suitcase. 
T and I stuffed reusable goody bags (Publix) with all of the #disneyside swag. We also threw in a book or two. I mean, our guests are teachers after all! 
We had a student sneak around so all of the teachers could sign her graduation cap/card.
After borrowing a few Disney dishes from our friend K, we were ready to set up! We had cupcakes with little Mickey ears and a variety of Better Brand chips (yum and gluten free) with hummus, spinach dip, bean dip and salsa. 
S was totally surprised! My team was also super excited about their goody bags! E said she knew as soon as her son saw the goody bag he would think they were off to Disney! I'll be sure to slide the planning DVD onto her desk this week. :)
A big highlight of our #Disneyside celebration was the the Walt Disney inspiration wall. I printed several quotes attributed to Mr. Disney and posted them for all to see. They just make you smile and feel good. We've decided to leave this up...maybe until the end of the year. 

I must say, celebrating our #Disneyside with my team was great. We all talked about how we should do it more often, just get together and celebrate what is going on in our lives. Honoring our friend and her accomplishments was also amazing. Sometimes life gets busy and we are always waiting to move to the next thing. This Disney Side @Home Celebration was a little reminder to me that I need to STOP and celebrate. I need to celebrate my family, my students, my friends, my colleagues, and sometimes-myself. 

I hope that you will show your #disneyside soon and I hope that you will remember to CELEBRATE YOU! 

Thank you Disney Side @Home for the opportunity!

I received free products for this celebration but all opinions are my always!


  1. What a great way to celebrate your friend!!!!

  2. It was perfect! Thank you :) S

  3. What a great celebration and way to bring out the #DisneySide of all your guests.


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