What We're Reading Sunday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014
No surprise here! T is reading all about animals! If you have not see these books, and you have anything to do with the 3-6 crowd, you should totally check them out! Grandpa and Grandma bought the first one and T had to have the others! We love them!
The author is Nicola Davies (already a fan!) and the illustrator is Marc Boutavant. The pictures are brilliant, the lift the flaps are a big hit as always, and the learning is embedded! The format is question and answer and T soon found himself asking questions of his own AND making his own comparisons. Swoon!

Now what about my mommy? Well, about that, you see, um,  I HAVE HAD NO TIME FOR READING! Sure, I've read paperwork, night time stories, data, an occasional online article or blogpost, stories to my class, and maybe a recipe. (Ok, I'm lying. I haven't really had time to cook either!)

What are you reading?

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