Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Lester Laminack posed a question to us during his workshop a few weeks ago. It has lingered with me...maybe even haunted me a bit. I think about it when I'm driving some days. I think about it as I look over my writers and readers' shoulders. I sometimes think about it as I watch them line up to go home.

Lester asked, "What do you teach so well that you are willing to warranty it? What can you guarantee every child in your classroom will be able to know and do by the end of the year? What is it that you can warranty for next year's teacher?" 

BAM! What can you warranty L? WHAT?
Love of story? 
Respect for others?
Try your best?
To reread what they write?
Check for understanding?
Think before you speak?
Place value?
Multiple strategies for solving an add/sub problem?
Capital letter for beginning of the sentence? (Who am I trying to kid with that one!?!?)
Digraphs, blends, and vowel sounds?
To never stop learning?


I don't know. I think I know. I want to think that this is a no brainer. But it is not. I have a diverse class just like everyone else. I think I know. I really do. Then I think of that one kid....maybe not. 

So maybe I can warranty the idea that ALL of my students leave me knowing that their teacher is a learner and that she values all of their special gifts. Does that count? 

What can you warranty?

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  1. As class sizes increase our percentage of warranty decreases...it's a mathematical fact! I think we can both warranty that our students will leave first grade knowing more than when they entered! :) BAM!


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