Valentine Centers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
I LOVE helping in T's classroom. There are several opportunities-library helper, garden helper, mystery reader, etc. My favorite though is center helper! 

Some teachers are complete control freaks and want to predetermine center activities. (Points finger to self.) T's teachers are like, "Whatever you do with them is fine. Here's the theme. We know they will love it." WOO HOO! 

Here is what we have planned!
Make your own valentine pop up cards! (cardstock, die cut hearts, markers)
Fine motor anyone? Valentine bead bracelets!

My favorite of the group.....heart trees! I found this idea on House of Baby Piranha and it works! Sooo cute!

First you paint a tree trunk. Then you squish a toilet paper or paper towel tube in the center. (see pic) Then dip it in red paint. We learned that popping the bubble that forms is the way to go! We also learned that you really need to press down! 
Look at our heart trees! T says his class is going to "totally love them."

Our last one is a "build your own playdough" station. A mom is sending in white, made from scratch playdough. The preschoolers will add glitter, scented extracts, and natural coloring to personalize their dough! Ah! So fun!

We are also doing a photo booth because I LOVE pictures. We are using heart sponge stamps to make a background and then snapping quickies to share with parents. 

With all of this said, Valentine's Day is my least favorite of the holidays. I lost my brother on 2/12 and he was laid to rest on 2/14. This is a hard time for me and my entire family. I can't think of a better way to spend my day though. I know he would loved all of this "nonsense!"


  1. How great! This all looks like so much fun!!

  2. These are some great and cute ideas. I am sure the kids had a blast making these. I think it is awesome that you came up with some great ideas like this.


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