Somebody is 5!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
My little itty bitty precious baby boy has just turned 5.

If you can hear my weeping through these words, please forgive me! I can't believe he is 5. In my mind he was born last year and should still be toddling around saying "momma" and laughing for no reason. Wait, he still does both of those things. Thank goodness!

How did we celebrate the big FIVE? with a mad scientist birthday party of course! 
Experiment One: Blow up a balloon without your mouth! (vinegar & baking soda)

Experiment Two: Make your own snow! (powdered snow from School Box)

Experiment Three: See Through Slime! 
Brain cake! (T's request!) 
Birthday Boy!
Photo Booth! (artwork courtesy of Mr. Danny!)
Big Finale: Diet Coke and Mentos

With the help of many friends and family, the party was a huge success! T loved every minute and has big plans for next year. 

Thrown a party lately? What was your theme?

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