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Sunday, October 13, 2013
Ah! Time to blog! YAY! Let's play catch up a bit!

September 27-29th was the Type A Conference here in the ATL. I was super nervous about going since it was my very first blogger conference. As a relatively new blogger, it was just what I needed! In fact, I can't wait to go next year and bring a few friends!
 Here are some of my memories....
Found A's Christmas present in the Hasbro booth! 
Bing for Schools! BIG FAN! 
When we went to Disney, T's favorite ride was Star Tours! So glad I met one of the stars!
Cause Blogging with Chrysula and Fadra. They rocked it! Shot@Life was mentioned more than once and I love that!!
Zone bars for kids? Delish! Turner loved the birthday cake one!
Sending my guy silly selfies because I missed him! 
 Share A Sale dog for my little guy. He loves him and I love the idea of Share A Sale!
 E Meals! Meal planning made easy! Can't wait to give this a try next week! I'll keep you posted!
Made new friends!
Played fun Hasbro games with Time to Play magazine!
Great for home or classroom! Draw Something!
Gary from Disney Parks Blog talked to us about creativity. This really hit home with me as a mom and teacher. More soon!
 Surprise guest! Minnie!
The Disney Parks Blog party was, well, in a word AMAZING! 

I know this is quick and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm on it!! Happy Sunday! 

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  1. It was such a wonderful experience in meeting you there at Type A. I was very glad that we were able to connect with each other as bloggers. :)


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