Thanking Soldiers

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Every year since 2007, the Bert Show does a huge THANK YOU to our troops for the holidays. They ask people to please take a little time and write handwritten letters to our soldiers. It is an amazing campaign and the results are always outstanding. 
One of our fab teachers, L, volunteers her time each year to encouraging our students and staff to participate. She gathers the letters, sends reminders, and submits them, too. She rocks. 

This year, my class wrote letters and drew pictures every day as their morning assignment. They LOVED it. We had meaningful conversations about our troops and even chatted about geography as we discussed where our letters might end up. 
T wrote letters, too. He wrote two fantastic letters to the soldiers and we had a wonderful family conversation. He, of course, wanted to add send candy and goodies along with the letter, but I explained that is not how this works. :) 

It's not too late to write your own letter! Here are the rules and regulations. You have until Friday, November 1st and you can drop them off at any Jersey Mike's location. 

I'm feeling thankful today! Thankful for the many people who will write letters, the Bert Show for their campaign, L for encouraging our staff, and most importantly-thankful for our troops who serve our country!

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