Apple Pickin'

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Fall is in the air in Atlanta and nothing says fall more than picking apples! We went our favorite families to Mercier Orchards in North Georgia for our annual adventure! 
apple lovin'
 my two favorite guys
 problem solving with Mr. C. and X. 
 double fisting the apples!
 "I love apples!"
T loves these "teenagers."
 and these cuties, too!
 A is going to be a Pink Lady for Halloween so this made us smile!
 Our kid crew!
future farmer? 

Ah! I just love it! We rode the hayride out to the fields, picked apples, took our annual picture, then hit the Mercier Orchards store. (Forrest Gump voice here...) They have apple cider, hard cider, apple pie, caramel apples, apple fritters, apple candy, and their most famous treat-FRIED APPLE PIES! Delish. Delish. Delish. 

We came home with 9 types of apples. I tried them all but my heart stays true to the golden delicious. T likes them all!

What is your favorite apple? 

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  1. I loved all the pics ( and sub titles). This is a wonderful tradition that these kids will always remember. My personal favorite is the good ole Red delicious.


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