Celebration Saturday

Saturday, October 19, 2013
I'm joining Ruth Ayres  in Celebrating the week! After all, life is just too short to not celebrate! Join us in choosing something from the previous week to celebrate!! Share on FB, Twitter (#celebratelu,) your blog, etc! Here's to celebrating!
Discover. Play. Build.

One. My coteacher and I had our observations. This was my first as a coteacher and it went really well. No dog and pony show-it was real reader's and writer's workshop. The kids were amazing-engaged, talking, reading, editing, revising. Real. They are becoming readers and writers and we could.not.be.more.proud. I am celebrating this coteaching experience!

Two.  Costume arrived! We must celebrate the small things, too! (Mommy wipes sweat from brow!) T wants to be a spy. Target and Party City did not have the costume in store, so we had to order online. It was on sale and arrived in 3 days! T loves it and I can't wait to show you how absolutely adorable he looks! 

What are you celebrating? What went well for you this week?


  1. Love the idea of co-teaching. I've done similar things, I think, but we have never been observed as a team. Love that idea. Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes!

    1. I wasn't sure I would like it and it turned out to be the best decision! We (and I'm bragging here) really make a good team. YAY!

    2. and thank you so much for commenting! Made my day!

  2. An authentic workshop is always a reason to celebrate. And costumes, oh yes, a very good celebration. Thanks for sharing.
    Shine on,

    1. Thank you and I could not agree more! Our readers and writers have grown so much since August!! As for the costume, wait until you see just how cute he is! Have a great week and thank you for your ongoing encouragement and inspiration!


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