Teacher Tips and Tricks

Friday, August 16, 2013
Today's Teacher Week Blog Hop is all about teacher tips and tricks. 

Hmm....I think I'll go Top 3 for this one! 

Tip #1
Let it go. I like this concept so much that I had a couple of bracelets made that say just that. LET IT GO. Kids driving you crazy? Paperwork overwhelming you? Grownups got you down? LET IT GO. Give yourself a break and don't be too hard on yourself! 
@Stamped by Stephanie
Random guy at a stand who let me engrave it myself. empowering! 
Tip #2
I'm speaking mainly to myself here, ORGANIZE SOMETHING! Last year, I organized my book baskets. This year, I organized my binders and teacher books. I even set a goal of filing things away after I use them (a little lofty I know!) While this tip may seem vague, I think it is a good one. Pick one thing/space/area/corner/drawer and organize it!

Tip #3
Play Wheel of Fortune with your class! You will cover so many Foundational Standards, fit in lots of review, AND the kids love it! Here's a one minute how to! 

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