Making Monkey Bread With a Monkey

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
T likes to cook. I do not.
It is a chore for me-like laundry or dishes. Yucksville.

Of course, when he asked if we could make some Popcakes (pecan spins--not going to happen) I decided we could try to make monkey bread.

I have never made monkey bread. There are a zillion recipes online and several Pinterest boards dedicated to it as well. Wow. 

After hours (or 32 seconds) we went the recipe from Turnips to Tangerines. 

I am SHOCKED with the results. It is really good. T liked it (not as much as Popcakes) and so did N. Some of the top pieces are a little crunchy, but who eats those anyway? I so appreciate this shared recipe with easy to follow directions. 

Making monkey bread with my own little monkey makes my heart (and stomach!) smile. Looking forward to doing it again, but next time, we are going to do the healthier version......

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