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Thursday, August 15, 2013
I'm a whole brain teaching, responsive classroom kind of girl. I think the key to classroom management though is finding what works best for your class. 

Today's Blog Hoppin' topic is classroom management. Here are a few of my favorite tidbits for building a classroom community:

1. Check out Whole Brain teaching! We love class/yes, mirror teaching, and teacher vs kids. 
2. Visit Responsive Classroom on the web and learn about keeping your cool and valuing everyone. It's not just about hopes and dreams, it is about working together-a life skill!
3. Move! Kids need to move! I believe 110% that incorporating more movement throughout the day lessens behavior issues. A few favorites~
          Squats for skip counting to 10, knee lifts for counting by 5's, punching the air for skip counting by 2. 
          Koo Koo Kangaroo and the other 1,000 brain breaks/energizers on Pinterest. We love the Koo!
          Dr. Jean cds! First graders can still boogie! I love "Ride the Pony" and "Verb Dance" the most!
          In math, make a chart with 5 answers. Next to the answers write an action. For example, If the answer is 3, jump 3 times. 
          Transitioning? Been on the carpet too long? "Everybody up! Picture a triangle in your head. How many sides? Do that many pushups!" Repeat with other shapes. It's mental movement math!
          Four Corners for sight word practice!

Looking forward to reading everyone's management tips. I'm always looking for a little help! Happy Thursday!

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