Presidents Day and My Preschooler

Monday, February 18, 2013
My kid, newly 4, is a nutball. I'm serious. He is super political. That's right, political. In a family full of independents and republicans, he is President Obama's number one fan. HE LOVES HIM! It is super sweet and we love his passion. 

On our flight back from D.C., he asked the little boy in front of us who his favorite president is. The little boy said, "Oh, that's easy, Spiderman." T was shocked. "Um, Spiderman is a superhero not president. President Obama is my favorite president." 

When I say he is a fan, I mean FAN! He doesn't understand how A can love Lincoln so much or how Auntie P can love Reagan or how mommy can love Jefferson. He wants no part of it....NO PART! 

In an effort to monopolize on his presidential lovin', I'm going all out for Presidents Day! Here's what we have planned:

We are going to read this animated book about George Washington, thanks to our friends @Scholastic!
We are going to watch BrainpopJr's free US Symbols video!
We are going to read these goodies.....
borrowed this one from school!
bought this one in DC!
We are going to watch this Washington to Obama video. It is cool (maybe more for me than him) to see how many Presidents there have been and their years in office.

We might, and I say MIGHT even do something crafty. Don't hold me to it! How are you celebrating this 3 day? 

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