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Saturday, February 9, 2013
You know how much I lOvE reading and you know how much I want every child to have access to books and stories. In fact, that was going to be my platform when I ran for Mrs. America. 

After becoming a champion for Shot@Life though, I learned that some children will never even have the opportunity to receive a book from wonderful organizations like LitWorld. Why? Because of 20 seconds, a child dies from a vaccine preventable disease. Every 20 seconds. It.is.shocking.
75% of unvaccinated children live in just 10 countries (developing countries, 3rd world countries.) Why? These children simply DO NOT have access to vaccines. How is this ok? 1 in 4 of these children will die from vaccine preventable diseases. These aren't rare diseases, they are ones I treated my 4 year old son for in just days-diarrhea and pneumonia. The other two biggies are measles and polio. Polio? Yes, the same disease my grandfather had 87 years ago. 

This may seem like a bunch of bad news, but it is not. Immunization is a global health care success. Lives are being saved everyday. We are making a difference and we are saving lives. We are showing families around the world we care. How? by sharing our words and experiences, having conversations with our representatives, hosting events, and donating $20. Twenty bucks vaccinates one child from the 4 biggies. 
So I'm in DC for the Shot@Life Summit ready to learn more and do more. I have 2 big goals for this experience: 1. become better versed for conversations with my state leaders. 2. gather ideas from my Champion friends. 

I'm here to GIVE. I'm giving my time, my experiences, and my latest TPT earnings! 

Want to know more? I knew you would! Click here or follow on Twitter #globalvax or Facebook! Already a supporter? What are your plans for this year?

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