Now and Then (WRAD)

Thursday, February 21, 2013
World Read Aloud Day is right around the corner on March 6th! My class is super excited about sharing this day with our book buddies! We are also super excited about our very first SKYPE author visit! Woo hoo!

As part of the WRAD blog challenge, we are given a task each week. I am a week behind (that sounds about right) so here goes!

1. I think everyone in the world should read...
When I was 10: preteen magazines....Was it Tiger Beat or BOP? 
Now: The One and Only Ivan by Applegate. Yes, I love it that much. 
2. If I could listen to anyone in the world read aloud to me it would be...
When I was 10: my 5th grade teacher, loved him! 
Now: my sister, I miss her and her silly voices. 
3. When I read aloud, my favorite character to impersonate is...
When I was 10: Don't remember.....I think I am getting old!
Now: Elephant and Piggie! I am a PRO!
4. The genre that takes up the most room on my bookshelf is...
When I was 10: absolute fiction, chapter book mysteries, girl clubs, etc.
Now: professional development....or at least it seems....
5. The last book I wish I’d written or inspired me to write my own story is...
When I was 10: I don't remember the name of the book, but it was about the future. After Mr. Goodwin red it, we wrote about what our future would be like. 
Now: I really wish I had written I Want My Hat Back by Klassen. It is me. Seriously. 

Join the fun! Visit LitWorld and share the love of reading! 

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