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Thursday, December 27, 2012
I've been asked to think about one word. 
One word for my life/family/blog. 
One word to inspire/encourage/describe/encompass what 2013 will be for me. 

One word. Uno. 1. 
Will it be one syllable? good. fun. cool. 
Two syllables? awesome. thrilling. super. 
Three syllables? radical. wonderful. triumphant.

dream. That could be it. I mean, that would be good, FUN, and cool! No.
relax. Ahhh, that would be just dreamy. Nope.

Neither one of those will work though. They are a close 4th or 5th, but not THE word. THE word needs to be my choice for the year. It needs to reach out and GRAB me. It needs to PUSH me to do my best. THE word needs to be nothing short of PERFECTION

So here it is folks. My word, THE word for 2013 for me--mommy/wife/teacher/blogger/dreamer/world changer is................

My word for 2013 is give. Why?

This year, I WILL
*give up some old habits.
*give the clutter away....both literally and figuratively.
*give more time for myself.
*give more and take less.
*give my husband and son more of my time.
*give more than I get. 
*give everything my best shot!
*show my son how good it feels to give.
*encourage others to give.
*not give up!
*give myself a break once a while!

What is your word for 2013

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1 comment

  1. My word for 2013 after long thoughts and smoke coming out of my ears from my brain working so hard LOL will be:
    I promise to be compassionate in everything I do
    I promise to be compassionate when playing with my girls
    I promise to be compassionate in my blog writings
    I promise to be compassionate in my reviews and giveaways
    I promise to be compassionate about giving myself some alone time
    I promise to be more compassionate when it comes to seeing my family more often
    I promise to be compassionate when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on
    I promise to be compassionate in paying it forward!!!
    I promise to just be COMPASSIONATE in everything I attempt to do
    Jaime Dubey


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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