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Friday, December 28, 2012
The friendly folks at Learning A to Z are offering a FREE 7 day trial of all of their fab websites. My school is very fortunate that we have Raz Kids for all students K-2.  We LOVE it and so do the kids and parents! Raz Kids is online reading at the just right level with quizzes. They have hundreds of books including fiction, informational, and poetry. Kids can record themselves reading and you can listen to it later, too. It is a wonderful resource! However, we do not have Reading A to Z.....
Reading A to Z has printable, leveled books along with fluency practice and poetry. I am taking advantage of this trial and am going to download several books for struggling readers. I'm also going to print some of the How To stories (you can do a search) for our writing unit. Why stop there? I am going to print a few books to support our social studies and science standards, too! What am I REALLY loving about Reading A to Z? The option to project books for the whole class AND the pocket size books that save paper and ink!

Their other sites seem great too-Tutoring A to Z (might have to try this one with a friend and her email,) Vocabulary A to Z (not sure I need this one as much,) and Science A to Z (probably pretty cool!)
If you did not receive the email, click here or on the pics to visit the site. Once you sign up, the trial lasts for 7 days. I'm starting a folder on my desktop to download the goodies so I can have them forever! 
Happy reading! 

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