Defending Myself

Sunday, December 23, 2012
"Ah, L, the Do Gooder. It must be nice to have all that money."
"Doesn't your husband make enough for you to not have to work?"
"There are people with a lot more money than us out there." 

All 3 statements in a two day time period. Wow. I usually don't get fired up about things people say to/about me. I am pretty good (most days) at turning a cheek, tuning out the ridiculousness of others, or well, to be honest, pretending they don't exist if only for a minute. :)

With the holidays upon us and the tragedy at Sandy Hook still haunting my dreams, I can't help it this time. I (even though I know I don't have to/shouldn't have to/may regret it later) am going to defend myself and my actions. I'm taking a stand for what I believe in people! 

1. Um, you do know what I do, right? I'm a TEACHER. By definition, we have no money. What money we do gather from the couch cushions is usually spent on something for our classroom...and by something I mean ink, cardstock, and pens for editing-not cool stuff like shimmery paint and scratch and sniff stickers (though I would love to have both if you are out holiday shopping.) With that said, I am not poor. We can feed our family, get to work, and come home to a warm house. BECAUSE we have what we need, we feel it is our duty to give to others. This holiday season we donated toys and clothing to children in need and funded vaccinations for children in developing countries. We are not saints, we just do what we can. Not only that, but (GASP) we think others should too.

2. N does have a job. YAY! We are so thankful for that! Does he make enough for me to not work? I don't know. I LOVE being a teacher. Deal with it. I don't want to stay home. I want T to go to preschool and make friends and play and learn. I want to teach and come home to my little guy, spend every minute away from school with him, and have him know how much mommy loves what she has chosen as a career. I hope that one day he has that, too. Is it easy? No. Can I complain a little? Yes. Is there anything I would rather do? No. 

3. Ah yes, there are indeed people in this world who have more money than we do. Should I wait for them to change the world? No way! My days are numbered friends. Life is short. Why would I choose to not make a difference today? Why wait? A friend said this to me when we were discussing an email she received from Red Cross. She couldn't believe "they are still asking for money." STILL? Without being too dramatic (yeah right) THE WORLD IS IN CRISIS! Of course the Red Cross needs money! Shot@Life needs money to vaccinate kids. Reading Is Fundamental needs money to put books in homes. Children's Restoration Network needs money to support homeless women and children. Donors Choose needs money to support teachers in need across the United States. Mental health organizations need money for awareness and prevention. I could go on and on. 

Ahhh. I feel better. Today, and everyday, we should give a little of ourselves to others. Skip Starbucks, your Marlboro lights, the cream filled donut, the crap from the Dollar Tree, a dinner out on the town, and donate it to someone who needs it more than you. 

If you don't have it in you, and that makes me sad, keep it to yourself. 

Those who have should give....time, donations, or kind words. 


  1. AMEN!! Glad you put that out there! I think I'll head over to Donor's Choose now.

  2. Good for you, Lyssa!! Stand up for those who need it most! I like the fire inside you!

    Jen :)

  3. Have a blessed Christmas and a glorious New Year! :)


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