Hanukkah Have To's!

Friday, December 7, 2012
You HAVE To HAVE these Hanukkah books! While we are not Jewish, we hope to instill in our son the value of learning about and respecting other people's beliefs and cultures. As a teacher, I try to do the same with my students. Here are 3 of our favorites!

Product DetailsHow Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? Jane Yolen/Mark Teague

Your preschool-3rd grade reader will LOVE this story! The dinos fuss and play and do all the things kids, I mean, dinos do during the holidays! If you've never read one of the Dino books, you should! As a bonus, the names of the dinos are hidden on the pages! That helps mom and dad with naming those 'saurs!
Hanukkah: A Counting BookHanukkah~A Counting Book, by Emily Sper

Counting + learning new words=Fabulous! This book is simple, the pictures are beautiful and you are learning all the while. I had a friend help me with pronunciation. (Just being honest, friends.)
The Hanukkah MiceThe Hanukkah Mice, by Steven Kroll and Michelle Shapiro
For some reason, mice and the holidays just go together. It's true! There are hundreds of books for children starring mice! This one is sweet. It takes us through each night of Hanukkah and special, little surprises! 

But maybe you are looking for a little something different? Click here to visit Amazon's recommended reading list! 
Do you have a favorite? Please share! T will be thrilled!

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