It's A Book!

Saturday, July 28, 2012
I'm kind of a big mouth. I don't think I'm super obnoxious, but I do tell people about books every chance I get and sometimes talk too much. (ok, all the time!)

I was recommending these fab books to a friend the other day and thought to myself, "hmm, I should blog about these, too!" T and I both love them!
It's a Book

Author and illustrator Lane Smith has written an absolutely adorable book about a book. Two friends are going back and forth about what to do with a book. The snips and snaps are perfect for this digital transition (sniff, sniff) we are currently a part of! My first graders love the book...especially the pictures! *I should mention the book has the word jacka$$. I always substitute and move on. The kids are used to seeing sticky notes all over my books!

Watch the book trailer by clicking HERE. I think it will appeal to so many age groups...including grownups! 

So, when I saw there was a board book version, I rushed out and picked it up to read with T. I mean, 3 year olds are more tech savvy than most of us! He LOVED it!!! He wants to read it again and again. In fact, while we were reading another book, he started acting out parts of this one! That means it is a hit! 
It's a Little Book

Watch the book trailer for this one HERE! So fun! The two little guys from the first book are going through the same thing but as their younger selves AND in diapers no less! "Is it for flying?" No. "Is it for typing?" No. Aaah! Get these books! We love the pattern and we love the art!

Do you have any favorites that you aren't sharing? Please post in the comments! 

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