Fashion and Function in First Grade!

Saturday, August 4, 2012
a bracelet that erases!!!

I am in LOVE! Here's why....
I teach first grade. 
They fidget and 
they love to accessorize 
and they lose erasers like nobody's business!
 are around $1.00 (less if you buy more)
are great at erasing pencil
are customizable
are adorable
are durable
 have tons of designs!
was created by a Dad
provides great discounts for fundraisers
donates money to "erase homelessness"
are coming to a store near you
is a family business!

But what does T think?
"Wow Mommy! A bracelet that erases!"

Chat with your PTA, call the grandparents, these are awesome! 

Which pack would you choose?


  1. Hi! This is my first time seeing this product! How cool! I would be tickled to win a Trend pack for my treasure chest at school! Thankyou for the chance!

    1. Correction...I would like to win the creature pack..not trend pack...thankx!

  2. These are great! I would love to win the creature pack!! Thanks!

  3. Oooohh, these are AWESOME!!!! My students would LOVE the animal pack, for sure!!! :-)

  4. These are really awesome! I have not seen anything like this! I would love to win the sports pack! My students would really go for this!

    Thank you,

    Christine W

  5. These are SO cool! I have not heard of them... thanks for the introduction! I think my kids would like them all!

  6. These are absolutely fabulous, I would love them for my class! I am sure the kids will adore them.
    Marsha G.

  7. I LOVE the creature pack! Wish there was a class pack. :o)

  8. Would love to win the creature pack.

    Gloria Wilson

  9. How cool are these?! I would love to win a trend pack!

  10. This are awesome! I would love to win the Creature Pack!

  11. What a cool product. I have never seen this before. Would love to get the creature pack for my class.

  12. I would love to win the animal pack!

  13. I would looooove to win the Trend Pack to share with my upcoming 4th graders!!!


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