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Saturday, August 11, 2012
I feel like I "came out of the blog closet" a little this week.  I presented to first grade teachers in my County on Tuesday. I was nervous about being in front of my peers, but they did not disappoint! We had so much fun! 

A fab teacher and I were talking blog stalking and she asked if I had a blog. I hesitated and said, "um, yes." The rest is history. People will read this and picture me. (Bless their souls!)

I'm going to try not to think about is exciting and hopefully will build connections, but it also makes me a little nervous. Can't help it.

I presented a short workshop about integrating the Common Core standards and Georgia's Performance Standards. Here are a few of the highlights....

1. Are you an anchor chart kind of person? Then you should click here and visit Chart Chums. Yes, I have blogged about it before-but trust me-this site is teacher heaven! 

2. Straining your brain is an all time favorite! Visit this site to learn more and make your shopping list because I do believe you will want to do this lesson! I change it some, but I teach 1st grade and well....that's what I do!
3. While I was prepping charts, T decided to make a few charts, too. See the little picture between the two charts? That is his anchor chart!! Kid is a genius. He gets it from his dad. 

So that is pretty much my news. Oh wait! Check this out! We had meet and greet Thursday and one of my kids, D, brought me this picture. I love it. What a way to start the year!
If you have a fantastic lesson/idea, and I know you do, please share the love!

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