National Geographic Kids Deal!

Monday, July 23, 2012
Red Alert! Red Alert! Dollar Tree has National Geographic Kids Early Readers for $1.00 each! I'm thinking nonfiction. I'm thinking Common Core. I'm thinking research. I'm thinking about the $3.99 I paid at Barnes and Noble AND the $3.83 I paid on Amazon. Seriously, click here to see for yourself! 

Here is the box at Dollar Tree. It is in the educational section, not with the books.
 I bought the Safari (pre-reader,) Ponies (level 1,) and Race Day (pre-reader.) They had Sharks (level 2) but I already had that one. (See $3.99 note above!)
 Here is the text progression in case you were wondering.
What a deal! Now, I should tell you-the pages aren't glossy like my $4 books, but they are a buck and will certainly make for some happy reading! 

Go grab some and let me know if you find any others!

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  1. I found National Geographic Kids: Polar Bears (Level 1), Meerkats (Level 1), Lizards (Level 2), and Planets (Level 2). This week at a Dollar Tree in Sarasota, FL. They were in the book aisle. There was only one box and I took them all for my team! Whoops! Thanks for sharing your find!


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