The library used to be easier....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Taking T to the library last summer was a breeze. We read a few books, looked at covers, pointed out things we saw in the books. We played with the blocks and puzzles, picked up a few books and went our our merry way. 
Now that Mr. Smarty Pants is rocking three and half, he only wants books that he chooses. He wants to play for a bit, book shop for a bit, be read to for a bit, and then start this cycle all over again. Aaaaahh!! That was fun for the first half hour, but let's face it moms-there were many other kids. They weren't quiet. They weren't calm. They weren't loving and respecting books. Their babysitter was the librarian while moms were texting, reading, or gazing out the window dreaming of a day to themselves. I do not blame the moms (well, a little) because it was hotter than hot and where else could they go, but still! Needless to say, I was ready to bail.....unlike my son.
I watched him build one more castle and tell me all about the evil king and the knight and the horses and the alligators and the machine that made it all go into outer space before I could take it no more! I couldn't block out the others any longer! In my calmest mommy voice, I said.....
We head over to the picture books and I am ready to show him my favorites, those near and dear to my heart. What does my angel choose? Franklin-as in, the turtle. 
Franklin Is Lost (Franklin Series) Product Details
Franklin lovers, please don't send hate mail. I love your turtle friend but I have been a primary teacher for over a decade and have been forced to read more Franklin than any one woman should. I've been through cover changes. I've been through the tv show and the attempt at chapter books. I thought my days of Franklin were done. I was wrong and I accept that. We are a Franklin family.

P.S. I picked up Little Red Hen, Where is the Green Sheep, and The Three Little Pigs while we there. He has loved them all.....thank goodness! 

Let's be honest....what books have you dreaded or reread until you can't reread it one.more.time?

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