Pigeon Lovin'

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I declared my love of the Pigeon years ago. I love reading Mo Willems' Pigeon books (and Piggie and Elephant AND Knuffle Bunny, too!) to my first graders with rave reviews time after time after time. I even wrote a little post about it here. I love sharing the books with colleagues, too. I love spreading the Pigeon love! 
But now my Pigeon love has been taken to a whole new level. My little guy is a Pigeon guy!!! I mean, I hoped this day would come, but so soon? I wasn't ready! 
All is right in the world. I'm serious. The dark clouds have cleared, the skies are blue, my kid is going to be funny, he is going to be a reader, a lover of words and stories, an artist, a dreamer, a bird watcher, well-you get the idea!

Have you picked up the latest Pigeon book? Ours should be here tomorrow! Duckling Gets a Cookie (don't let that title fool ya!) If you want to be super cool, pick it up at a local bookstore! We love Little Shop of Stories

Does/did your little one have a favorite book? 


  1. His expressions make me want to read this book, he is really enjoying it!!

  2. I think it would make even the most reluctant reader blissfully happy!


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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