Thursday, April 26, 2012
"Germs and disease don't need passports." Former First Lady and Vaccination Advocate, Rosaylnn Carter
"All mothers, no matter where they live, share a common bond." Anne Geddes, photographer and artist
These two women support Shot@Life and so do I! But who else? Andrew Young, human rights advocate and walking history book! Who else? my colleague Emily, my friend Shelly, my husband, my neighbors. Who else? my husband's coworkers, a stranger at East Cobb Park, and thousands more....

Today we celebrated the launch of the United Nation's Foundation SHOT@LIFE campaign at the Georgia Aquarium. This is global vaccination week and Shot@Life is worth celebrating!

How did I spend my day?
 Celebrating being part of the Shot@Life toolkit!
Sharing Pinky Power with friends from RESULTS and children from the Atlanta area!
Why Pinky Power? Children in countries like Mozambique receive a painted pinky after they are vaccinated. 
Learn more at Shot@Life

Support the world's children. 

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