Mom Congress 2012 Tweet Style

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Parenting Magazine's 3rd Annual Mom Congress was nothing less than awesome! Here are a few highlights, tweet style! @Lyssareads
(For more tweets, search hashtag #momcon2012 or @momcongress)
Now that you know some big players, feel free to follow them for the latest in education and mom news! If you haven't joined Twitter, give it a try! It is short, sweet (well, not always) and to the point! If you are on Twitter, please leave your handle in the comments! We want to follow!

OK fellow  dels - have 2 share amazing article in today abt. my site,  
Ending  w/ meetings in Senate. Corker & Alexander on recess, so talked ESEA w/ their advisors, each from Memphis. Heading HOME!
RT : RT : Nothing is going to change if you don't get fired up.   || Word!

Check out the National Family Engagement Alliance and the visionary work of Byron V. Garett  
  Your talk was one of the highlights of my  experience. Your cause is where my heart is.
Reading this am Let Teachers Teach - The Atlantic comments section too  

Home and totally inspired by 's delegates! These women r making a better future 4 ALL r kids!
  What an inspiring message from Arne Duncan! Together we all continue to move forward for our future!
: Woohoo  is asking the tough questions about the Talent Act! ” this tweet made my day!
Awesome! " meeting with my legislators! Ready for my headline! Thank you!  
Great farewell dinner at . Thank you  for another great year at Mom Congress!
RT  NEW: Duncan Talks Obama Education Record at Mom Congress   Thoughts?
RT : Be your best spokesperson. Be yourself! Don't compartmentalize yourself.   
 models the perfect thing that White House chef Sam Kass should have worn! 

"Students can be successful if you give them opportunities to be successful." Arne Duncan about what he learned from his own mom

Mom Congress delegates are advocating for educ. of all children, not just their own. Parents need to be part of systemic change
From cradle to career, Pres Obama is leading a transformation in US ed. So are parents like Mom Congress. 
 Champion Felisa Hilbert has seen effects of these diseases - and life-saving power of vaccines 
By the time low-income kids are 4 years old, they are already 18 months behind their peers.  
 good Q on how learning foreign languages shd factor into global education   
RT  Hanging out with mom delegates raising the next generation of advocates-Lasting Change 
Teachers/schools being blamed-this cr8s barriers/defensive environments parents need to b more collaborative  
If you start to blame teachers, they close their doors. It behooves parents to be more open and less judgmental. 
RT : Children from low income families are read to 25 hrs before entering school. From middle income, 1,000. Wow.
We connect through communication and that communication is emotional   

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