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Monday, April 9, 2012
Wow! I have stumbled upon an awesome resource and I must share! Our friends at Burkins & Yaris share books (levels A-E) for small group reading--for free! There are five online now. 

These are perfect to use on an iPad! You click the arrow on either side to turn pages. The text is very K-1 friendly and the pictures are AMAZING! (click pic to visit site)
For fear of sounding like an infomercial....WAIT! There's more!
The books are printable, too! Aaaah! These super geniuses even thought about teachers and paper issues and made four pages on one! Love, love, love! 

Here is what Think Books has to say about the books and the freeness...
"Each Think Book is available free as a flipbook. The flipbooks do not require flash and work on tablets, iPads, Kindles, etc. Below the flipbooks, you will find a PDF/booklet version for each title, which we invite you to print, copy, and share widely!
The Think Books Project seeks 1) to help people fall in love with great  picture books,  2) to lift the level of illustration in books for very-beginning readers, 3) to increase the thinking opportunities of very-beginning readers by connecting their texts to great picture books,  and 4) to encourage teachers and parents to read picture books aloud to children A LOT." 

Sounds like we will get along just fine Think Books! Check them out and pass it along!

Let me know what you think! 

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