When I am a mom, I will never....

Friday, March 30, 2012
In my pre-mommy years, there were lots of things I was mortified by when seeing young children and their parents. 

1. Kid wants something. Mom says no. Kid ask 3 more times. Mom says yes.
    Yes, I've done it. I've learned from it, but I am the first to admit-I did it.
2. Mom carrying oversized, fully capable of walking child through store.
    Yep, it is faster sometimes and sometimes I need faster.
3. Mom wipes nose with her hand. Mom wipes her hand on her pants. EWW!
    <embarrassed> More than once people, more than once.
4. Mom turns on tv to occupy child so she can complete a task. 
    Cringing as I type this-yes. I did it the other day for the first time. At first, guilt plagued me. He watched a whole episode of some ridiculous show, taking breaks only during commercials to knock over the blocks he had half stacked next to him. Is this a regular event? No, I would never let that happen. Was it convenient and did it save both of us some major stress while mommy cut the chicken, veggies, etc, took out the garbage, changed the sheets on the bed, switched clothes from the washer to dryer, vacuumed the mess on the floor from the cracker experiment, and so on.....yes, yes it was.

Trip to the bookstore....a place where mommy rarely says no. :)
What are the things you though you'd never say or do? 


  1. My child will never be a toddler with a pacifier!! I had 2 toddlers with binkies!!

    I do the spit and wash A LOT! (don't remember the snot so much) and TV-LET THE GUILT GO! TV is just really not that big of a deal.

  2. Amanda-my friend was the same way about the pacifier! As for the spit and wash, oh yes, I should add that to my list!

    Glad I'm not the only one to admit these things!


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