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Thursday, March 22, 2012
Before I actually became a parent, I just knew I would spend my evenings snuggled on the couch reading to my sweet son. UM...WRONG! As much as I love books, there is just no taming the 3 year old monkey boy! So what to do? 

Stop reading? Not an option! 
Continue telling stories with no books? Will do, but we need the BOOK action!
Let him read on the iPad? He would rather play games....shocker!
Purchase books that are also toys? Been there.
Let him choose books? Done that! 
Enter my best plan, yet! We read at dinnertime! Now before the TADM (Talk At Dinner Movement) starts sending me nasty messages, let me be clear. We read and TALK about books during dinner. Look folks, I'm desperate! 
We now have books lining our stairs! It is cuter than I thought it would be and super convenient! 
Bonus: we get to knock them off and put them back!
It is working! I am getting in like 2 books a day, which is 2 more than before! Our latest books are Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin, Jr and My Very First Book of Food by Eric Carle. He loves them both! (Mommy is a big fan of both those guys!

So, when it is all said and done, does it matter where we read? I think not. Where do you read with your child? Where do you like to read? bed, but not at bedtime. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing that reading isnt' always a snuggle up time with kids, but to not give up. I recently shared some tips of reading with Active Babies and Toddlers that your readers might find helpful too.


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