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Wednesday, February 15, 2012
World Read Aloud Day is coming soon! Do you have big plans? We do! On the home front, T and I will be donating books to his preschool AND a preschool serving a low socioeconomic community. T and I will also be Skyping with his big sister cousin-A! Aunt P and I will take turns reading aloud to our two favorite people!
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On the professional front, we will be holding a WRADical contest! What is WRAD? World Read Aloud Advocate....and that is ME! Children should be read to each and every day--NO MATTER WHAT! Reading is life and it must be a priority worldwide!

Here is what this totally WRAD teacher has planned:
*How many books in the library contest? Oh yeah! Kids may take a guess for the low, low cost of 4/$1.00! All money raised will be donated to LitWorld! 
*Read Aloud Buddies! Book buddies in our school will join together and read, read, read! Each cross grade level group will receive a very special World Read Day bookmark and a few bookworms...I mean..gummy worms to enjoy while they read! 
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*Celebrity Guests! We will be having 3-count them 3 authors visiting the school between March 2 and March 7! 

I know what you are thinking! WHAT CAN YOU DO? Does it cost money? DOES IT TAKE UP A LOT OF TIME?  Here are a few ideas. Choose one or all!

1. Visit and take the pledge to celebrate reading aloud! 
2. Read to a class, senior citizen, neighbor, etc!
3. Send a book to your child's class with a special note thanking your child's teacher for reading aloud!
4. Make a $5 donation to help spread the book love!
5. Pass this along! Tell your friends! 

How will you celebrate? Do you have an idea to share? I would love it if you do!

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